Special  Offerings  



   June  Offerings  (for bookings until 30 June 2021)

  Sandalwood (Santalum album) has a deep, soft, sweet-woody scent.  It is used in skincare for acne, dry, cracked and chapped skin, greasy skin and a great moisturiser so it is fantastic for all skin types.  It assists the nervous system in cases of depression, insomnia, nervous tension and stress related complaints, making it an ideal oil for these treatments......

  • Relaxation back massage using sandalwood, bergamot and geranium essential oils to iron out those knots, relax and soothe those muscles using a blend that will provide grounding, uplifting and harmonising experience - 30 mins - $50 Book here

  • Sandalwood facial using pure sandalwood, manuka honey, flax gel and coconut oil.  Includes scalp massage and concludes with singing bowl ritual - 1 hour 15 mins - $85Book here

  • Tribal scent - The Sandalwood Experience - have both the back massage and facial - 1 hour 45 mins $130Book here

  July  Offerings  (for bookings until 31 July 2021)

  •  Body Polish & Moisturise - 60 mins $90 (usually $115)   Book here.

        Exfoliation using raw sugar scrub & sweet almond oil to exfoliate and cleanse followed by a nourishing Living Nature active manuka honey ultra rich body cream to deeply nourish and soften the skin enhanced with essential oils of  Mandarin, Pink Pepper and Ginger to encourage lymph flow, toxin removal and help discourage and fade the appearance of cellulite.  Hot towels are used to remove the scrub.

  • Hot Aroma Stone Back Massage - 30 mins $60 (usually $80)  Book here.

  Totally relaxing back and shoulder massage utilising hot basalt stones and my blend of Mandarin, Pink Pepper and Ginger essential oils.

  •  Nourishing Glow Facial - 75 mins $90 (usually $115)  Book here.

 Using the effective and lovely Living Nature products and warm honey massage to deeply nourish your skin, including a mandarin massage to the decollete. 

  • July Glowing Package - 2 hrs 45 mins - $235   Book here.

 The perfect winter warming treatment to revive and support the immune system.

  • Full body polish and moisturising treatment.  The polish will be removed with hot towels and your skin moisturised all over.

  • Hot aroma stone massage to the back and shoulders using a warming blend of Mandarin, Pink Pepper and Ginger essential oils.

  • Nourishing Glow facial using the lovely Living Nature range to suit your skins' concerns on the day.  Includes a warm honey massage.

  • Bliss ball and fruit tea to conclude.