End of line  Specials

   Aroma Organic Facial - for oily/combination & blemished skin - 1 hour 15 min $70 Special (end of line) Book here

  January Special
 Living Nature Pure Facial anti-pollution treatment (unisex treatment) -1 hour 15 mins -   $86.25  - Book here.
 Reflexology An energy clearing treatment to the feet to bring about clear energy flow to the body systems  -   1 hour 15 mins - $ $82.50 - Book here.

Combined January Special  - 2 hours 30 mins -   $165  - Book here.

 Time to relax and restore with this lovely treat including:
  • Reflexology treatment to feet.  This relaxing therapy will help clear blocked energy and therefore help restore healthy system flow to the body.  Please note this is not suitable for elderly or frail clients, pregnancy, diabetic, DVT, sensitivity due to trauma, metal pins/plates, undiagnosed lumps/bumps/pain, cancer either current or within last 2 years.
  • Pure skin facial.     A unique anti-pollution treatment to purify and restore skin harmony.

      This unique anti-pollution facial treatment starts by gently exfoliating the skin and preparing it for deep       cleansing using activated charcoal and Halloysite clay to draw out impurities from the pores.  Experience the amazing natural anti-pollutant benefits of the Schisandra Chinensis berry extract which contains antioxidants and astringent qualities that promote and restore skin harmony.  This unique treatment cleanses, strengthens and nourishes the skin, ensuring the skin is left in optimum health, feeling wonderfully clean, smooth, nurtured and nourished.

  • Herbal or floral tea and home made bliss ball to conclude.


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Website copyright design by Claire  2020