September Specials 

Rejuvenating Indulgence  Sheer Indulgence Facial - 90 mins - Sept Special at $115   More ...   Book here

 Magnolia babe Aroma Massage - 60 mins - $80 - Book here.

 Using Angelica's own exquisite blend of magnolia essential oil balanced with lavender and bergamot for a truly indulgent aroma.

Combined September Special - 2 hrs 30 mins - $190 - Book here

  •  Start with the very lovely aroma massage of magnolia essential balanced with lavender and bergamot for an exquisite aroma massage.

  •  Relax as you enjoy an indulgent 90 min facial using nature's finest botanicals and manuka honey.

  •  Herbal tea and bliss ball to conclude.

   October  Specials

 Healthy Water  Deep Hydration Facial - 75 mins - $85 October Special  More ...    Book here

 Dry Body Brush, Mud Cocoon & Moisturise  - 120 mins $185 October Special  Book here.

 Spa therapy treatment created to enhance the health and appearance of skin.

 Starts with a dry body brushing from the feet up to the decollete on the back and then front body. This is a gentle and soothing exfoliation that boosts the circulation and lymphatic system. Followed by application of Rotorua Pure Source mud mask cocoon treatment.  The mud is painted on complete body including the buttocks & chest (breast towel and thong or modesty towel provided) and you will be cocooned in a blanket  while you relax with a scalp massage.  Hot towels are then used to remove the mud mask and concludes with a deep moisturisation using Living Nature body moisturiser.

Combined October Special - 3 hrs 15 mins - $260 - Book here

  •  Start with the Dry Body Brush, Mud Cocoon & Moisturise therapy followed by:

  •  Relax as you enjoy a Deep Hydration Facial.

  •  Herbal tea and bliss ball to conclude.

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