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Aromatherapy Blends - available for:
 Aromatherapy massage $150 for 90 mins
 Therapeutic Blends 10 ml roll-on bottles $30 
Perfume 10 ml roll-on bottle from $45
Perfume 50 ml spray bottle from $70

Personal inhalers - $20
Healing balms - 15 ml pot $35  or 30 ml pot $65

Diffuser blends - 10 ml from $50

 To place an order please go to the Say Hello page and leave your info in the comments box.  Please let me know if you have underlying health issues so I can be sure to prepare a blend that is safe for you. If you are ordering a diffuser blend leave your chosen blend in the comment box and I will reply with the cost as it is dependent on which oils are used.
I will need your name, address for delivery or state if you are collecting, which blend you want and the bank info is on that page.
All the below blends have therapeutic properties, the oils chosen have been selected for their differing uses.  If you want the info on any of them please e-mail me (  

Aches & Pains Ease – Soothes aches & pains 

Align – Realign your physical & emotional self 

Anxiety Ease – Create a moment of peace & stillness 

Awake & Aware – Stay present & get the job done 

Balance – Restore a sense of self 

Be Still – Let stillness smooth away rough edges 

Bliss – Promote positivity & joy 

Breathe Ease – Promotes clear airways 

Calm – Promotes whole body relaxation 

Cool & Collected – Reduces stress while remaining alert 

Confidence – You can do this! 

Creativity – Access your creative side 

Deep Sleep – Supports a healthy sleep 

Detox - Assist the body in getting rid of toxins

Digest Ease – Helps cleanse & relax the digestive system

Don't Panic – Helps prevent & quell panic attacks 

Don't Worry – Gently prompts confidence & courage 

Down to Earth - Create mindfulness, lasting peace and inpsire grounding to put you in the present moment.

Drive Alert – Aids focus while driving

Energy Boost – Keep fatigue & tiredness at bay

Enthuse – Kickstart passion & energy 

Fatigue Relief – Restores energy levels

Flourish – alleviate mental stress and apathy

Focus - Keep a clear & alert mind, ideal for studying.

Free Speech – Encourages communication 

Good Morning - Greet the new day with cheer and positive energy

Good Night – Soothes you to sleep  

Grounded – Promotes harmony & balance

Guardian Angel – Clear the air of negativity 

Grief Support - Provides emotional support for shock & trauma following recent loss

Happy Heart – A healing hug 

Happy Place – Revitalizing, uplifting yet calming 

Harmony – Ease the frustrations of frictions & create calm & quiet

Head Ease – Helps to ease & clear a headache

Healing Heart – Emotional healing & comfort moving through grief

Hope – Accept ourselves & our future 

Immune Boost – Boosts body immunity 

Inner Strength – Restores positivity & strength

Invigorate - Energising, refreshing & uplifting

Joy – Helps to recall happy & beautiful memories & to inspire new ones 

Liquid Sunshine – Promotes optimism 

Loving Support – Provides comfort & love 

Meditate – Create head space for meditation or prayer 

Memory Boost – Aids memory function

Migraine & Nausea Ease – Helps clear headaches & settle the stomach 

Motivate – Inspire pep in your step to tackle the day

Mum to Be - A stress relieving blend safe enough for mum carrying baby.

Muscle Relief – Loosen tight muscles & soothe away pain

Nausea Ease – Quell feelings of nausea 

New Mumma - Gentle hormone rebalancing blend following birth

PMS Ease – Relieve those monthly symptoms

Pre-Event Nerves – Calm the butterflies

Purify – Clear space for renewal

Relax  Daytime – Creates a sense of calm & wellbeing

Relax Evening – Unwind at the end of a busy day 

Relax Night – Send you on your way to sleep 

Revive Eve – Indulge your senses 

Rise & Shine! – Fresh & uplifting for those that struggle to get going


Romance – Create an atmosphere for love

Sleep Among the Flowers Powdery, gentle sleep support 

Solar Plexus Soother - Help to open the solar plexus chakra, purifying and cleansing support

Stress Less  - Soothes frazzled nerves


Study – Helps to stay focused at study time 

Sweet Dreams –No more nightmares 

Tranquility – Precious stillness to help replenish & restore 

Travel Gently – Supports body systems during travel 

Travel Immune – For long haul flight protection 

Uplift – To lift from tired & low emotions 

Women's Balance - PMS & Menopause with cramps, nausea, hot flashes & moodiness 

Women's Balance - PMS & Menopause with cramps, hot flashes & moodiness

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