Your facial experience at Angelia will be an holistic one, encompassing body, mind and spirit as well as taking care of your skin.  All facials will be adapted for your skin's needs on the day and are enhanced with floral waters and fragrant aroma hot towels .... No machines, no chemicals, just organic therapy from botanicals, a mindful touch and your wellness at heart ... All facials commence and conclude with relaxation and balancing rituals.


 Organic Floral Bliss Facial   - 1 hour 30 mins - $140  Book here.

This facial is truly beautiful and will leave your skin hydrated and radiant.  The floral sensations,  gorgeous botanics and flower essences enhance to this relaxing treatment. Suitable for all skin types.

  Facial Radiance (Natural Face Lift technique)suitable for all skin types. 1 hour 15 mins -  $120 - More info ...    Book here.



  Living Nature Professional Skincare Facials 

 Made here in New Zealand  100% pure and natural.  All living nature facials will be adapted for your skin type.

   Honey Revival  Warm Honey Express Revival Facial - 30 mins - $75 More info ...     Book here


   Beauty For You - Tailored to your needs Facial - 75 mins - $115  More info ...     Book here

  Clear Skin  Balancing Clear Facial - 75 mins - $115  More info  ...     Book here

   Firming Vitality  Firming Facial - 75 mins - $115  More info ...     Book here

   Healthy Water  Deep Hydration Facial - 75 mins - $115   More info  ...     Book here

  Nourishing Glow  Nourishing Facial - 75 mins -  $115   More info ...      Book here

  Pure Skin   Anti-Pollution Purifying Treatment - 75 mins - $115   More info  ...     Book here

 River of Love   Youth Boosting Facial - 75 mins - $115  More info ...     Book here


 Soothing Touch  Soothing Relief For Sensitive Skin Facial - 75 mins - $115 More info ...   Book here

 Fountain of Youth  Anti-ageing Bee Venom Facial - 90 mins  $135  More info ...    Book here

 Rejuvenating Indulgence  Sheer Indulgence Facial - 90 mins - $135   More info ...    Book here

 Handsome Man   Especially for Men Facial - 60 mins - $115  More info ...   Book here


 The Mindfulness Facial  Beautiful Relax Facial with mindfulness meditation - 90 mins $135 More info ...  Book   here

Christmas Facial with Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh  - Tailored to your needs Facial - 75 mins - $95  More info ...     Book here

  Verite Spa Organic Facial

 Rose Balancing Anti-Aging Organic Facial  - 75 mins -  $130 ​  More info ...  Book here.


   Therapeutic Organic  Décolletage Mask - 15 mins - $40.  Book here.

  (Add on to any facial )

 The skin on a woman's décolletage is thin & delicate and is especially vulnerable to the aging process.  It is naturally drier than the rest of the skin because it has few sebaceous glands.  Sun damage, dehydration and gravity effects make this area particularly prone to wrinkles.  Because a woman's cleavage is so directly tied to her sense of femininity, the appearance of deep wrinkles in this sensitive area can be distressing. The mask will be brushed onto the décolletage area down to the bust.

Contains all natural ingredients:
Yogurt - lactic acid provides gentle but effective exfoliation of your delicate décolletage.

Honey - antibacterial and a natural moisturiser cleanses and protects.

Vitamin C - helps to plump up the skin and lighten sun spots.

  If you are unsure which facial to book, please ask! all facials will be adapted for your skin's needs on the day.

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