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Holistic Facial Treatments go beyond a traditional facial, they are the ultimate in pampering and deep relaxation. If you love lots of soothing massage, and your facials to be specifically tailored to your needs each time then this is the treatment for you.  Lie back and relax, while you are transported into a place of pure bliss. While you are relaxing areas of tension, stress and congestion will be treated, leaving you with a smoothed, soft, plump and glowing complexion.

 Janesce Petite Organic   -  45 mins -  $65

Relaxing facial using healing floral & herbal essences from the very lovely Janesce. 

Focus on the essentials for those who need a hydrating botanical skin boost in under an hour. 

Includes a beautiful cleanse, skin soak, gentle enzyme peel, mask, aromatic compress, facial mist, perfecting gel, concentrate, eye cream, day lotion, neck/decolletage cream and spf.  For all skin types. This facial does not include the decolletage & facial massage.

 Janesce Bliss Organic  -  1 hour 20 mins - $130                                   

  Relaxing facial using healing floral & herbal essences. This luxurious slow beauty facial is a dream of massage, botanical therapy and fragrant relaxation that seems to last forever. Begin with a warm compress, followed by gentle cleansing, skin soaking and a gentle enzyme peel.   Re-energising concentrate and perfecting gel applied and infused with herbal-enriched steam (optional) to hydrate and oxygenate the skin.  A slow facial and neck massage.  It is beneficial for all skin types) will relax you completely and prepare your skin for a botanical facial mask, blended especially for your skin needs.  While the mask works its magic you will be treated to a scalp massage. Removal of mask with a hot compress and you are treated to facial mist, anti-oxidant products, serum, lotion and spf.  For all skin types.

 Janesce Solutions Re-energising 45+  - 1 hour 20 mins - $140

 Very potent range for women 45+ to re-energise and renew maturing skin.  Enlivens mature skin through highly active botanical stimulation.  Contains double the plant actives of the Janesce professional ranges.  Five products supply beautiful layers of botanical energy.

Hero botanical ingredients are gingko, ginseng and myrrh.  Anti-inflammatory and youth boosting with potent anti-oxidants.  Stimulates blood flow and cell renewal to awaken sluggish skin.  Naturally offsets hormonal deprivation and promotes youthful, supple skin.

 Manuka Honey Revival Petite - 45 mins - $60      

  In a hurry?  Express rejuvenation Living Nature treatment adapted for any skin type.  Your skin will be deeply cleansed, gently exfoliated and hydrated with delicious, exceptional and beautiful New Zealand Manuka honey and Echinacea.  This powerful antioxidant treatment with healing and repairing properties will be gently massaged into your skin achieving maximum results.  Your skin will look luminous and feel soft, smooth and satiny after this fabulous revival treatment & concludes with spf.

  Manuka Honey   - 1 hour 20 mins - $120         

  This facial is especially designed to be tailored to your needs on the day and is suitable for all skin types. Includes facial mist, gentle cleanse & exfoliate, warm honey mask massaged with rose quartz facial wands, relaxing massage to decolletage, upper arms, neck and face with fragrant facial oil, nourishing and hydrating mask, optional soft herbal steam, facial mist, serum, eye cream, day moisturise & concludes with spf.  


Facial Radiance  - 1 hour 20 mins -  $115 

 Facial Radiance is an amazing  massage therapy technique that works with the muscles and meridian pathways of the face, head and neck.  It works on releasing stress and tension held in the body systems which often show up as emotional conflict, tension headaches, jaw pain, sinus congestion, stiff neck and tired dry and lack-lustre skin.  It works with the digestive, nervous, lymphatic and muscular systems...which also taps into the immune, reproductive and respiratory systems.

As we age the energy in the body slows working with the meridian pathways through the head and face we stimulate that energy flow bringing much needed oxygen to the whole body and body systems.

If our digestive and lymphatic systems are not flowing the first place it will show is on our face. Good digestion, detoxification and hydration are essential to a healthy skin.  Relaxation of the nervous systems is vital for our emotional being and brings clarity and a great sense of who we are.  Our muscle system holds memory.....  when a lifetime of events and emotions are released the muscles become toned, blood circulation and lymphatic flow are increased which refines and clarifies skin texture and increases collagen elastin production. The functioning of your skin and its hydration are kept at an optimum level.  Facial Radiance treatments will complement any  treatments including pre/post cosmetic surgery.

The area around the eyes more toned, fine lines are minimised, lips appear fuller, cheekbones are more accentuated, your jaw line sculptured, neck muscles tightened and skin rejuvenated, bringing definition to the whole face.  For all skin types.

Firming Uplift  - 1 hour 30 mins -  $130    

  A firming facial ideal for perking up tired and mature skins.  A must before a special occasion. For loss of firmness and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness and uneven texture.
Experience Living Nature’s signature rose quartz crystal exfoliating manuka honey treatment.  A toning and lifting massage will leave your skin feeling lifted and vibrant and a firming Lotus Petal jelly mask restores and rejuvenates the skin leaving it healthier, firmer and much more radiant.Hand or foot massage included while the mask takes effect.  The mask has:
– Smoothing and moisturising properties.
– Leaves skin feeling hydrated and smooth with a glowing complexion.
– Strengthens the skin’s connective tissues and keeps the skin looking plump and smooth.
– Penetrates the skin’s surface to refresh and restore radiance to tired skin.
LOTUS contains fatty acids, flavonoids and proteins that help strengthen the skin’s connective tissues and keeps the skin looking plump and smooth. The natural proteins help increase elasticity and strengthen the skin’s structure. It also contains a natural hydroxyl acid and vitamin A (retinol) that exfoliates the external layer of the epidermis for healthy and glowing skin. Rich in antioxidants and potassium, lotus intensely hydrates the skin and restores the skin’s natural complexion by increasing blood flow by reducing rigidity and contraction of these vessels and eradicating fine lines, wrinkles and skin pigmentation. A wonderful ingredient for anti-aging skin care, as it restores and rejuvenates the skin leaving it healthier, firmer and more radiant.
GINSENG is considered a strong anti-aging skin care ingredient to rejuvenate the look of the skin with its many phytonutrients. Ginseng is especially important for stimulating the proliferation of new cells. Building new cells in a timely fashion is the foundation for keeping skin firm looking with a toned and youthful complexion. It’s antioxidant effects can help heal damaged, dry or aging skin. Ginseng reduces puffiness, brightens under-eye circles, prevents wrinkles, may benefit acne and boosts blood flow for a natural glow. As well as assisting in conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis to provide a huge boost to skin health.
COQ10 helps to neutralise harmful free radicals that are one of the major causes of aging. Studies have shown that CoQ10 helps decrease wrinkles and increases skin smoothness by assisting in collagen synthesis and elastin production. It is a naturally occurring vitamin-like nutrient in the body that acts as a powerful antioxidant. It helps reduce free radical damage from UV rays. Inhibiting and minimis oxidative stress is key.

Glow Gua Sha  - 1 hour 20 mins -  $120    

  Gua Sha crystal massage dates back to ancient Asia. New Zealand jade and quartz crystals that are stroked over the skin inducing calm and relaxation as well as skin benefits that increase the circulation, aids lymphatic flow, relaxes muscle tension, softens the skin, reduces dark eyes and puffy eyes, brightens the complexion and reduces discolouration.  Not suited for fragile skin, raised moles or skin tags, any infection to the face, recent injectables or fillers. Cleanse, mist, gentle exfoliation, honey rose quartz massage, mask, serum, eye cream, day cream & concludes with spf.  The Gua Sha crystal massage replaces a hands on massage.

 River of Love Youth Boosting  - 1 hour 20 mins -  $120

 Targeted, results driven treatment  to visibly improve & soften fine lines & wrinkles -the Botox alternative  facial for mature skin. Your skin will be deeply cleansed, gently exfoliated and hydrated with exceptional and unique products, derived from native New Zealand plant extracts and magical Manuka honey which has powerful healing, repairing and hydrating properties.  Your skin will look luminous and feel soft, smooth and satiny after this fabulous treatment.  Includes a meridian point massage (facial reflexology)where  stimulation is effective in clearing blockages as well as having a positive effect on a large number of nerves and blood vessels found in the face, combined with  AcuBeauty wand (carved from astrophyllite crystal) to boost the effectiveness, assisting with overall skin health and gentle lymph drainage massage. A blissful scalp massage is included whilst the mask works its magic.  


 Rejuvenating Indulgence  - 1 hour 40 mins - $140                                                                                          

Sheer indulgence facial for dull/dry skin.  Rejuvenating and indulgent pamper.
Start with a relaxing and softening foot soak.  A superior exfoliating treatment designed to treat premature aging, Living Nature's signature facial, an amazing experience.  Your skin will be deeply cleansed, double exfoliated and hydrated with exceptional and unique products derived from native New Zealand plant extracts and magical manuka honey; known to have powerful healing, repairing and hydrating properties. Your skin will look luminous and feel soft, smooth and satiny after this fabulous treatment.   Includes scalp massage, rose quartz facial massage & hand/arm OR foot massage.   


 The Mindfulness Facial  - 1 hour 40 mins - $140    

  Relaxation facial including a totally unique empowering mindfulness guided meditation to help you transend into the ultimate presence of focus and calm,  refreshing the mind, to observe your thoughts, senses, feelings and awareness.  Time out….. just for you. Unwind with a scalp massage whilst the mask works its magic on your skin, allow your senses to be in the moment and enjoy a facial and decolletage massage.

The Reiki Facial  - 1 hour 40 mins - $140   

  Relaxation facial including the gentle energy of Reiki healing to the upper chakras to help clear energy blockages to the throat, head, heart and abdomen areas.

 Appropriate crystals and gentle hands are placed to help transend you into the ultimate presence of focus and calm,  refreshing the mind, to observe your thoughts, senses, feelings and awareness. 

Your skin is gently cleansed, exfoliated, toned and massaged and unwind with a scalp massage whilst the mask works its magic on your skin, allow your senses to be in the moment.   

 Ice Globes & Jelly Mask Facial - 1 hour 30 mins - $130 

 Cooling and soothing ice globes are used to massage the skin.  Includes hydro jelly peel off mask. Enjoy a scalp and foot massage while the  mask works its magic.

Choice of:

Calendula Petal- also known as the marigold flower, soothes irritated skin whilst protecting it from UV rays. This amazing mask penetrates the skin's surface for visibly diminished fine wrinkles and revitalised skin while delivering hydration throughout the day to improve the look of your skin's texture and tone. Beta-cartene converts to vitamin A (retinol). Helps soothe irritated skin. Promoting cell turnover, produces collagen and unclogs pores to visibly fight any signs of ageing.  Provides protective barrier that binds cells together. Best for: dullness, uneven skin-tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles, redness, rosacea, eczema and distressed skin.

Cherry - Cherries are known for their whitening agents. Evens out the skin tone by fighting blemishes and fading dark spots. Cherries have a brilliant source of vitamin A, B, C and E. This is the best mask if you are looking to give your skin an instant vitamin boost to achieve a healthy glow.  Best for: dry skin, dull skin, dehydrated skin and dark spots.

Jasmine Flower - Calms irritated and sensitive skin.  Promotes collagen production and new cell growth. Anti-microbial properties help with acne prone skin, fights infection.  Reduces the formation of excess scar tissue.  Best for: all skin types,  mature skin, sun damaged,dry and dull skin, discolouration, age spots, sun spots.

Lotus Flower -  Firming & elasticity mask. Strengthens the skin's connective tissues. Improves collagen-synthesis and elastic production. Reduces puffiness, brightens under-eye circles and encourages micro-circulation. Reduces pigmentations and diminishes the appearance of ages spots, blemishes and discolouration. Limits over-production of melanin, illuminates the skin to reveal a subtle glow. Promote a translucent, lustrous and even-toned complexion. Best for: loss of firmness and elasticity, fine lines & wrinkles, dullness and uneven texture, hyper-pigmentation,  discolouration, age spots, sun spots, sun damage.

Mint Leaf - Letcithin dissolves impurities that clog pores, reduces pores, clarifies the complexion, contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to reduce swelling and inflammation.  Best for: acne, blemishes, redenss, blackheads, oily and sensitive skins.

Rose Petal- The particular antioxidants found in rose petals help to strengthen skin cells, which helps regenerate skin tissues, and the vitamins help with ageing while keeping the skin super hydrated! Rose petals also contains properties that remove dead skin, allowing for new even and unblemished skin to emerge.  Firms and adds suppleness, reduces hyperpigmentation and age spots. Anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial. Best for: all skins, dry skin, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, damaged skin, scarring, uneven tone and textured skin.

White Tea - Claryfying and antiseptic. Minimises skin irritation, rashes, inflammation and redness.  Flushes out toxins that accumulate in the skin.  Protects agains skin damage.  Boosts levels of antioxidant defense enzymes such as superoxide dismutase and catalase flavonoids.  Best for: all skins, sensitive skin, acne prone, blemished skin.


 Hydro Jelly Peel Off Mask Add on -  additional 10 mins onto treatment - $20                                                  

  This is an option for having this mask as an alternative option to the mask that would be part of your chosen relax facial.  Please select this from the booking list this first and then your chosed facial and mention which mask you would like. 

This mask needs an additional 10 minutes than the timing already allowed for the other masks, so 20 minutes in total so enjoy a scalp & foot or hand massge while the mask works its magic.

 Hydro Jelly Peel Off Mask Treatment - 45 mins - $50                                                  

 No frills here! - this treatment is for targeting your skins needs with a therapy that includes pre-cleanse, treatment hydro jelly peel off mask therapy and post-moisturise.  A scalp & foot or hand massage is included while the mask works its magic.

  If you are unsure which facial to book, please ask. 


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