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Create Your Own Signature Scent! - allow up to  2 hours - $165  Book here.

Do you like the idea of creating your very own signature scent using 100% pure essential oils?  Do you want to create a natural version of a perfume you have always liked but at a fraction of the cost?  Manufactured perfumes created in fashion houses contain a multitude of chemicals which in turn is absorbed by your skin every time you spray!


Spend time with me and I will guide you towards your very own creation, whether you favour citrus, florals, herbs, woods, spices or exotic resins and florientals.  I will help you create a good synergy blend so that your scent lingers, with layers of depth that will also have a positive effect on your psyche.

Set aside up to a couple of hours for this session though of course it depends on how long it takes for you to be happy with your final blend.  If it takes longer, please note an additional $60 will be required for up to a limit of 3 hours.

The cost of this session will of course include your very own take home 10 ml roll on bottle with either jojoba oil or aloe vera gel whichever you prefer, or an additional $15 if you prefer a 15 g solid balm.

You will then be able to order more bottles in the future as I can recreate your very own blend for you at only $30 for a 10 ml roll on bottle.

Gift vouchers are available for this session as it makes an ideal present for someone who has enough soaps and candles to last a lifetime!


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