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 Rejuvenate Bee Venom Facial - 1 hour 10 mins - $60  REDUCED TO CLEAR - SOLD OUT!

must be booked before end of Sept

Combines the natural skin healing and renewing properties of organic Manuka honey with skin energising properties from organic bee venom to create a mask that rejuvenates, plumps and is rich in nutrients to feed your skin.  

Formulated for all skin types this mask has been made from the highest quality ingredients including certified organic coconut oil to keep your skin moisturised and nourished.  Don't worry you will not feel as if you are being stung! but it is normal to feel a slight tingling.

Commence with cleanse, gentle exfoliation, facial massage, mask, tone, serum and moisturise.  Includes scalp massage while mask in place. 

Not suitable for those that suffer from bee related allergies.

                                For bookings in September & October                                                  

 Janesce Bliss Facial with Ancient Earth Mask  -  1 hour 20 mins -  $99 (usual price $130)

 Relaxing facial using healing floral & herbal essences from the very lovely Janesce. This luxurious slow beauty facial is a dream of massage, botanical therapy and fragrant relaxation that seems to last forever. Begin with a warm compress, followed by gentle cleansing, skin soaking and a gentle enzyme peel.   Re-energising concentrate and perfecting gel applied and infused with herbal-enriched steam (optional) to hydrate and oxygenate the skin.  A slow facial and neck massage will relax you completely and prepare your skin for an Ancent Earth botanical facial mask, blended especially for your skin needs.  While the mask works its magic you will be treated to a scalp massage. Removal of mask with a hot compress and you are treated to facial mist, anti-oxidant products, serum, lotion and spf.  For all skin types.

Introducing a new spa therapy -

 Creamy Cocoon  - 1 hour  -  $95 (usual price $125)                                                                                                   Spa therapy treatment created to enhance the health and appearance of skin.

Starts with a gentle body brushing. This is a gentle and soothing exfoliation that boosts the circulation and lymphatic system to detoxify your system. Followed by application of warmed Pure Fiji creamy coconut body butter mask to deeply soften and moisturise.  Cocoon in a blanket in blissful peace while you relax with a scalp massage. 

Spring Package - 2 hrs  20mins - $190

  • Creamy Cocoon.

  • Janesce Bliss Organic Facial with Ancient Earth Mask.

  • Sweet treat and Bestow Puritea - 100% Organic Turmeric, Ginger, Lemongrass & Cinnamon to conclude.

                   Birthday Special Offerings - for bookings up until 14 October only

Limited availability

Magnolia Babe Aromatherapy Full Body Massage - 1 hour 30 mins - $99 (usually $150)

 I am so excited to be able to offer this therapeutic massage using Magnolia essential oil which I have balanced with bergamot & jasmine - you will smell like a divine love goddess!

 Magnolia’s aroma is complex and reminiscent of sweet things like sparkling champagne, a bouquet of flowers or freshly picked fruit. It’s basically heaven in a bottle making it useful in high-end perfumes. 

 Therapeutically, Magnolia is said to increase circulation, act as a sedative, benefit the skin and relax both the mind and body.

 To Conclude:

Sweet treat

Lemon water

Herbal tea

Iced soda with Magnolia Syrup

Angelica Peaceful Healing - 2 hours - $110 (usually $150)

 A beautiful, gentle healing treatment that is suitable and beneficial for all, even those pre and post op and especially for those with stress in their lives.

  •  Hot compress feet ritual.

  • Facial cleanse, mist, floral massage to decollotage, neck & face, hot compress, mist, concentrate, hydrating gel & day moisturiser.

  • Release work to feet reflex areas for diaphragm, lungs and solar plexus.

  • Full Reiki healing.

To Conclude:

Sweet treat

Lemon water

Herbal tea

Iced soda with magnolia syrup.

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