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Special Offerings

 Book Here - follow link to Booking Page then select Special Offering tab.


For Autumn bookings in March & April

Autumn Glow Gua Sha Facial - 1 hour 20 mins - $90 (usually $120)

Gua Sha therapy dates back to ancient Asia and involves flat smooth crystals that are stroked over the skin inducing calm and relaxation as well as skin benefits:

  • Stimulates microcirculation

  • Improves circulation

  • Aids lymphatic flow

  • Smoothes fascia

  • Lifts muscles

  • Relaxes muscle tension

  • Helps release adhesions

  • Softens the skin

  • Helps prevent and treatsigns of aging such as wrinkles, sagging

  • Promotes overall skin rejuvenation

  • Reduces dark eye circles

  • Lessens puffy eyes

  • Improves age spots

  • Brightens complexion

  •  Not suited for fragile skin, raised moles or skin tags, any infection to the face, recent injectables or fillers.

 Commence with a cleanse, exfoliate, compress and facial oil, Gua Sha massage, mask, spritzer, serum eye cream and moisturise.

 Conclude with

Hibiscus flower tea

Chilled lemon/mint water

Sweet treat

Autumn "Menopause Support" Aromatherapy Massage

1 hour 30 mins - $120 (usually $150)

Aromatic massage to full body including face & scalp using Lomi Lomi long sweeping strokes.  This massage is not firm nor should it be.  The intention is to administer the essential oil molecules into the body systems for therapeutic effect.  

"Menopause Support" a blend of lavender, geranium, rose and rosemary clinically proven to result in significant improvement of psychological symptoms as rated by the menopause rating scale, compared to both the plain massage and no massage at all.  For pre, present and post menopause, however this lovely blend is suitable for all women.

 Autumn "Time to be Happy" Package

allow 2 hours 50 min - $210 (worth $270) 

  •  Menopause Support Aroma Massage

  • Glow Gua Sha Facial 

  • Conclude with

    Hibiscus flower tea

    Chilled lemon/mint water

    Sweet treat

  For bookings in May & June

Firming Uplift  Facial - 1 hour 30 mins -  $90 (usually $130 save $40))    

  A firming facial ideal for perking up tired and mature skins.  A must before a special occasion. For loss of firmness and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness and uneven texture.
Experience Living Nature’s signature rose quartz crystal exfoliating manuka honey treatment.  A toning and lifting massage will leave your skin feeling lifted and vibrant and a firming Lotus Petal jelly mask restores and rejuvenates the skin leaving it healthier, firmer and much more radiant. Hand or foot massage included while the mask takes effect.  The mask has:
– Smoothing and moisturising properties.
– Leaves skin feeling hydrated and smooth with a glowing complexion.
– Strengthens the skin’s connective tissues and keeps the skin looking plump and smooth.
– Penetrates the skin’s surface to refresh and restore radiance to tired skin.

Beautiful Back - 45 mins -   $70 (usually $90 save $20)                                                                                       

Deep cleansing to entire back consisting of soft steam cleanse and exfoliation followed by stress relieving back massage, mask, refresh spritz and light moisturise.  The treatment is enhanced with the use of hot towels.  Your back will feel totally cleansed and relaxed - a facial for your back!

 Mother's Day Pamper - allow 2 hrs 15 mins -  $160 (total save $60)                                                                   

Start with the Beautiful back therapy with the option of hot stones for the back massage, turn over and enjoy a beautiful firming uplift facial.  Conclude with hibiscus flower tea, chilled water and a sweet treat.

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