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 Please note massage is not suitable/contraindicated if you have any of the following:

  • Cancer (current or in last 2 years)

  • Cardiovascular problems (including troublesome varicose veins, blood clotting issues, phlebitis).

  • Cervical spondylosis.

  • Diabetes.

  • Epileptic.

  • Hypersensitive skin.

  • Sunburn or recent tattoos.

  • Infection/contagious diseases or illness.

  • Recent surgery (6 - 12 months wait depending on severity).

  • Recent vaccination (wait at least 2 days).

  • Undiagnosed lumps/swelling/inflammation.

  • Pregnancy.

  • Serious psychological issues.

  • Under the influence of alcohol or substances.

  • Crepe/loose skin.

  • Frail or impaired persons.  

You will need to be able to independently get on and off the massage table and there is no access for disabled persons.

Please do not book if your weight is 120 kg or greater due to health and safety reasons.

 All therapies commence and conclude with relaxation and balancing rituals ......

 Book here. (Follow the link to the Booking Page, select the Massages tab and scroll down to select)

Aroma Scalp & Shoulder Massage - 30 mins - $65                                                         

 Using Living Nature nourishing massage balm and a blend of calming and relaxing essential oils for tension relieving light to medium pressure massage in the shoulders and head.  Includes pre-treat hot compress towels to feet.  Calming and relaxing.

 Energy Balance Paudi Head Massage - 30 mins - $65 or  60 mins - $90                                           

Australian Aboriginal inspired massage.  You will be lying down for this balancing , relaxing,

unwinding massage that relieves stress and tension, focusing on the meridian lines in the scalp to

provide positive energy flow for the bodies systems.

Frankincense essential oil is used for its ability to slow down and deepen the breath, which is very

conducive to prayer and meditation. The massage starts with connecting the head and heart space, is

slow and deeply relaxing, working on the upper arms, neck, shoulders, upper chest, and follows

the meridian lines through the scalp, leaving you feeling totally relaxed and is ideal for those short of time

in need of some switch off time. Includes refreshing pre & post-treatment hot compress towels.

Gua Sha Face & Neck Massage  - 40 mins -  $80                                                                             

  Relax with this face & neck massage using Gua Sha crystals. New Zealand jade and quartz crystals that are stroked over the skin inducing calm and relaxation as well as skin benefits that increase the circulation, aids lymphatic flow, relaxes muscle tension, softens the skin, reduces dark eyes and puffy eyes, brightens the complexion and reduces discolouration.  Not suited for fragile skin, raised moles or skin tags, any infection to the face, recent injectables or fillers. Includes pre-treatment cleanse, facial mist & concludes with spf.

 Hand/arm  &  Foot/calf   Massage - 30 mins - $65                                      

Using Living Nature nourishing massage balm and a blend of refreshing & uplifting essential oils for rejuvenation light to medium pressure massage.  Includes pre-treat hot compress towels to hands and feet.


Hands to Heart - 30 mins - $65

Allow yourself to fall into this gentle and harmonious hand, arm and décolletage massage with ritualistic techniques incorporating warming stones to help ease away tension.

This nourishing treatment from the palms of your hands to your precious heart gives your body a chance to renew while enjoying layers of luxury. Feel the softness of intensely rich moisturizing oils and creams leaving your skin feeling smooth, silky and rehydrated.

 Relaxation Swedish  Light to Medium Pressure Massage                                 

A relaxing, therapeutic and rejuvenating light to medium pressure massage using the Swedish technique that increases the circulation and joint flexibility, improves immunity, releases stress and tension and soothes frazzled nerves.  Discretion assured, towels are draped for your comfort and only the area being worked on is exposed.  Please note this is not deep tissue or firm massage but is a nurturing and mindful treatment.

  • Back, neck and shoulders - 30 mins - $65 

  • Full back of body (full back and back of legs) - 45 mins - $85

  • Just the Top - Full back, shoulders, neck, decollete, upper arms, shoulders, neck, occipital - 45 mins - $85

  • Full back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face - 45 mins - $85

  • Full body - 60 mins - $95

  • Full body with hot stones to the back - 60 mins - $115

  • Full body including face and scalp - 90 mins - $135

 Aromatherapy Full Body Light to Medium Pressure Massage                                           

A deeply relaxing, detoxifying, cleansing & balancing light to medium pressure massage using Lomi Lomi style massage with long sweeping strokes for physical & psychological effect using Living Nature massage balm and a blend of 100% pure essential oils to treat your concerns on that day. For optimum results this treatment is for the full body, face and scalp.  

Please note - this massage is light to medium pressure, it is not a firm massage nor should it be. Its intention is to allow the essential oil molecules to absorb into the body for optimal effect.

  Angelica's Blend   (please browse the selection) - 1 hour 30 mins - $150          

 Select from my aroma blends and comment which one at time of booking.

   Bespoke Blend -  2 hours - $170                                                                                            

(treatment is 1 hour 30 mins plus up to 30 mins for detailed consult time for a customised blend to suit your concerns on the day

*You can also take home a 10 ml roll-on bottle with your chosen blend so that you can carry on the healing at home for $20 (usually $30)



  Hot Aroma Stone  Massage                                                                                            

  •  Back & shoulders - 30 mins - $85

  • Back & shoulders with cooling marble stones to the face - 45 mins $100 

 Deep, penetrating heat plus the weight of the stones melts away tight muscles, stress & pain.  Heat allows trigger points to dissolve & fade with minimal resistance.  It increases the blood circulation, helping to flush out toxins and stimulates the lymphatic system to aid elimination, helps to ease water retention & bloating, the muscular system is warmed, relaxed and stretched, the nervous system is soothed & relaxed and it can help with rheumatic & arthritic symptoms.

Cooling marble stones are used for the face massage which has an invigorating, stimulating & toning effect that helps to calm puffiness & discolouration.​

 Essential oils enhances the treatment - chose from:

  • Relax - Lavender, Lime & Spearmint

  • Balance - Geranium, Lavender & Sandalwood

  • Uplift - Bergamot, Lemon, Melissa, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Tangerine & Ylang Ylang


Top &  Toe Treat  - 60 mins - $120                                                                 

A balancing and relaxing massage that relieves stress and tension.  Ideal for those not comfortable with,  or are not able to have full body massage.


To start the feet  are soaked in a warm, softening foot bath using Living Nature nourishing body wash to cleanse, moisturise & soften, mint essential oil and milk to soften and relax and then exfoliation of the feet & lower legs using coconut oil and raw sugar. Hot towels are used to remove the scrub.  This will be followed by an uplifting massage to the feet and lower legs using Living Nature active manuka honey ultra rich body cream to deeply nourish  & soften the skin.


To conclude the scalp, neck and shoulders receive a Paudi inspired massage using warmed jojoba oil enhanced with an appropriate essential oil - pure bliss!  


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