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 Confidential & personal consultation - time to have a chat about your needs - 30 mins $30

Come and have a chat if you would like me to prepare you a therapeutical, personalised essential oil blend to assist and support you in your health care needs, physical and psychological.

Lots of things need to be taken into consideration when preparing personalised blends that are the right blends for the right time and so some quality time is needed to  devote to ensuring the blend is going to be safe and suitable for you, and that you love it!  

The blend could be used for:

   Personal inhaler - $15 

   Diffuser - from $40 

   Roll-on 10 ml bottle - $25

  Bath Salts - $30

  Body Lotion/Oil - $40

  Body Cream - $50

  Body Scrub - $35

 Aromatherapy full body massage - $165 (If you are booking the massage then there is no charge for the 20 minute pre-treatment consultation).

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